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Lisa Panagos: Multi-Talented Artist Evokes Nature

Lisa Panagos: Multi-Talented Artist Evokes Nature

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People sometimes take the beauty that surrounds them for granted rather than embracing it and realizing how relevant it is to their very being. Then there are those folks who live their life incorporating that same beauty into their everyday life. One such individual is the multi-talented Lisa Panagos. Lisa is a true nature lover who has been inspired and motivated by her surroundings. Whether she is taking in a sunset in LA or taking a stroll through Central Park the very ground she treads on evokes her creative juices.

She is instantly in tune with nature and it provokes her to write what she feels and create something just as beautiful. Lisa began sharing these thoughts and feelings from a young child when she began training in dancing schools. She took up tap, dance, ballet and other styles. Her God given talent began to flourish and become evident at the early stages of her training.

“For me, I like to focus on the positive. There are negative things to focus on in nature if you want. I often bring elements of nature into my writing and my acting and my dancing (Colors, feelings, metaphors (star filled night, sunny days etc.). From my point of view, nature is passionate. There are so many passionate elements to draw from nature. It is the ultimate source of connection for me to create original works, other than relationships.”

At the age of ten is when she first began studying dancing. Her parents exposed her to the beauty of dance and music. Lisa’s parents took her to see Ann Margaret perform in Las Vegas and she was floored by her performance. It was that show that catapulted Lisa’s desire to pursue the entertainment field. She also had the pleasure of seeing the show “Dancin” by Bob Fosse which sealed her love for dancing. Bob Fosee was the main reason that she set her sites for Broadway. She had attended a workshop where she was given pointers from Jimmy Slyde on tap. In addition, she met Cyd Charisse who also shared words of wisdom with Lisa. Cyd basically explained to her that the foundation of dance stemmed from ballet. This proved to be a fact to Lisa as she grew into the field.

Lisa was soon on her way to bigger and better things. Since she was pigeon toed her mother wanted to find someone who would correct that and help her find grace other than dancing. She then went ahead and modeled for Katherine Mizzell’s Modeling Moppetts for charitable events at first. Then modeling gigs did open up for her. This led to her being connected to Coral Leigh who hired her for a commercial. When Coral moved to New York City Lisa kept in touch with her and Coral suggested she audition as an actress in the Big Apple.

Lisa spent the summers in New York while she was studying for her BFA at Syracuse University. Coral offered her a good amount of exposure to develop her as an artist. Lisa first began studying dance in her native town of Potomac, Maryland. She attended the Potomac Dance Centre where owner and founder Liliana Andreu played a pivotal role in her honing Lisa’s skills.

“She gave me so much confidence and always looked out for me. She was tough and her training was thorough. She was born in Cuba and was a professional ballerina while living there. There is an innate passion and expressiveness that people of Latin American decent bring to their work. I was lucky to work with someone who extended their passion to their students and had a keen eye for corrections.”

Lillian supported her and encouraged her to attend various programs such as the Washington School of Ballet and during her senior year of high school she suggested that she study at the North Carolina School Of the Arts. The latter being a summer program which is by invitation only. Hence, Lisa was accepted to both schools and her experiences there were invaluable to her.

This opened another door were she entered the Arts Recognition & Talent Search contest where she won the honorable mention award. Lisa then moved on to perform in the play “Sophisticated Ladies” with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. It was her first professional Actor’s Equity job. She landed this role by being spotted in dance class at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City. The dance captain, Jacquelyn Bird gave her the opportunity to audition for the director, Claudia Asbury. She played the lead role of the Soubrette. Her luck did not run out there either but only grew.

Lisa also took voice classes with some of the most gifted voice teachers like, Carlo Lifavi Menotti, Barry Levitt, Rona Leslie and Don Lawrence. Carlo Menotti stood out the most for her since he took her under his wing and guided her and encouraged Lisa to grow with every step. After his death Lisa was unable to study under anyone else for a good year. He was such a strong force in her career as a singer that his passing was a major blow to her.

Lisa then moved out to LA to pursue music and film. She found it to be a lot more challenging scene that in New York. Between landing a few independent film roles and recording some new material she focused on studying with legendary acting coach Larry Moss at Larry Moss Studios. One of Lisa’s huge accomplishments was appearing in the blockbuster film “Donnie Brasco”. She had the pleasure of sharing a scene with Michael Madsen who played Sonny Black.

“You could just feel the presence of these amazing actors and how seriously they take their craft. I learned so much just by being there, watching and listening. They are all such brilliant actors. I was so lucky to have been on the set!”

Her father John Panagos was an inspiration to her as he was also a huge lover of music and anything to do with entertainment. He was the first to start an African American radio station in Washington, DC. The first was called WOOK Radio where he hired Lionel Hampton as his musical director. Her father also started the first Hispanic station WFAN. Both these stations were a key outlet for minority artists. Lisa’s father was no singer but he had an ear for music and was gifted with a strong vocal presence.

“Actually, my Dad had a phenomenal speaking voice and had been an actor in NYC with a brief run on Broadway in a play directed by Elia Kazan. Then when World War II came he became a dive bomber pilot and decided to take a different path in life following the war. So, I guess he passed on a musical torch to me in a way that I’m passionate about the work, like he was and through osmosis I learned so much from him and the celebrities I was exposed to while growing up. I am actually choked up about the thought of carrying one of his torches(he had so many to offer…music, publishing, newspapers) and it brings me to a point of sadness to realize that he has passed on during a time of my life when I may need him the most.”

Recently, Lisa has went ahead a recorded her first solid single entitled, “Minds Eye”. Lisa along with he writer / producer Mac Quayle listened in on a few tracks until “Minds Eye” caught her attention. She then went ahead and recorded the single which was written by Mac Quayle and Alex Forbes. Lisa has already completed a video clip of the single which can be found on her website .

Being of Greek background Lisa does admit that upbringing has contributed to her success. Besides all the jazz, rock and other American style music in her household Greek music was most prevalent. Her grandmother was an avid music lover and introduced her daughter to the ethnic music and dances at a young age. Lisa was fortunate enough to be exposed to the Bolshoi Ballet as they performed in the ancient theatre in Athens, Greece. The ancient amphitheatre was a breathtaking experience for Lisa and just being there was fulfilling enough.

Lisa is always in search of new ways to expand her career and is busy in the studio putting on the finishing touches on her debut album. She is planning on releasing a few tracks as a teaser before the entire album is complete. At the same time she is reviewing a few film scripts and possibly may audition for a few roles. Lisa is a multi-talented artist who is full of life and full of promise an act worth following.

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Lisa Marie Panagos is a bombshell!

Lisa Marie Panagos is a bombshell!

By Haren Yong
Web editor and actress blogger

LISA MARIE PANAGOS is a bombshell! Add to that her 100% sultry and curvaceous figure and you have one of the sexiest women in media. Don’t miss her in the indie drama ‘THE MANSION DIRECTIVE’ where she will surely be delectable. Can’t wait to see more of LISA in this unique anthology … I’m always looking out for extraordinary stuff although I do admit LISA was a drawing factor. I am completely blown away by her comeliness and of course her to-die-for figure (why is LISA not in Maxim??). Attractive women are also attractive on the inside and LISA is all of that and more … she’s a SEX BOMB with geniality and I simply adore her.

Besides her many acting endeavours LISA is also a songstress; Check out her music at LISA MARIE PANAGOS @ Jango. Her music can be described as electic covering a variety of genres; R&B ditties infused with trippy hooks and she even does dance anthems. It comes as no surprise as Ms. Panagos’ expertise lies in music production, song composition, and theater. You can’t help but be infatuated (I definitely am) with LISA MARIE PANAGOS, a woman of multiple talents and a very approachable person. She’s down-to-earth, super foxy and I can’t stressed enough Miss Body Beautiful.

Check her out now at IMDB: MORE INFO on LISA MARIE PANAGOS

Lyrics and Inspiration 2018

As I reflect on 2017 and forge ahead into 2018 I am so grateful for so many things.  I have started the new year with a renewed sense of healthy self confidence and ambition.  I’m excited for what this year has in store and what The Universe and I can manifest together.  As the music comes through me,  I am constantly thanking the Universe for my gifts and for choosing me as a vessel whenever possible.  I was stuck in the Bahamas in 2017 when Hurricane Irma was headed straight for the Island I was on.  I thought for a brief moment I could live there full time.  I missed the connection to Hollywood and everything that makes me tick as an artist.  I got the last seat out on the last plane out of the island before they closed down the airport in preparation for this level 5 Hurricane.  Talk about lucky!  Also, I felt it was a sign that although the Bahamas is great for vacations, I still have so many things to do in Hollywood.  I am so grateful my application was approved for my new apartment in Hollywood and things are moving along perfectly.  It’s a sign.  I know it is.  A sign that more music and acting projects will appear for me.  They already have actually!  My new single ‘Ecstasy’ was just put on a compilation album called ‘The Campaign of Love’.  I am excited to be on a record with Irene Cara(Fame, Flashdance soundtracks)!  It is a comeback for her as she took a break for a while.  This opportunity is so amazing!  LISTEN ON SPOTIFY.

I love to write songs so I’m gathering inspiration now for more songs to create for fans in 2018.  I’m so grateful to all of those people around the globe who enjoy my music and are inspired in their own lives by my work.  I get so many uplifting emails from fans around the globe that are partying, dancing, having fun and for some I know the music has helped them through a difficult time.  Hearing all of this makes me so happy.  If I can uplift and inspire I’m so happy.  I really can’t believe the radio and fan response to my single ‘Know My Soul’.  It was doing so well I decided to release a full album of my work with the same title. Purchase ‘KNOW MY SOUL’ ON CD BABY, ‘KNOW MY SOUL’ SIGNED EDITION both on CD BABY and RIGHT HERE.  

I was inspired to write those lyrics after having a ton of bad dating experiences.  It made me realize that I pushed my last lover away and I was regretting it.  I am asking myself where he is and I am searching because he seems to be the only one that wanted to Know My Soul.  We all get so caught up in superficial things.  When you find someone that can see you on a soul level that is rare.  I wrote this song with my friend and hit songwriter Alex Forbes.  I had a blast recording in the studio with keyboard player and Producer Michael Rosenman and beats enhanced by my friend Jason Wilkes.  Check out the lyrics:

Know My Soul
Written by Lisa Marie Panagos and Alexandra E. Forbes
Bijoux Music Publishing/BMI
Seashell Sky/ASCAP

The one who got away
Whatever happened to you?
The only one who dared to care
Thought you’d always stay
Turned around and you were nowhere near

You tried to go inside
I pushed you back with my lies
I didn’t wanna lose my cool
I could feel the ceiling falling
I could hear the angels calling

Everyone, Everyone I meet
Only wants to go skin deep
You are the only one
Who wants to know my would

Everyone, Everyone I meet
Only wants to go skin deep
You are the only one
Who wants to know my soul
Know my soul, know my soul
Know my soul

You weren’t afraid to cry
You watched me sleep in the dark
Shined your passion, like the sun
Will I ever find, someone who touches my heart

I’ve been searching far and wide
No one gets my senses reeling
Everywhere I hurt needs healing

Everyone, Everyone I meet
Only wants to go skin deep
You are the only one
Who wants to know my soul

Everyone, Everyone I meet
Only wants to go skin deep
You are the only one
Who wants to know my soul

I could feel the ceiling falling
I could feel the angels calling

Everyone, everyone I meet
Only wants to fo skin deep
You are the only one
Who wants to know my soul

Everyone, everyone I meet
Only wants to go skin deep
You are the only one
Who wants to know my soul
Know my soul, know my soul
Know my soul

So what do you think?  Everyone has there own interpretation of a song.  That’s up to you, the listener.  Join my fan club on my website home page and tell me what you think!  It would be great to hear from you!  I’m currently finishing up my new record which will be out in 2018.  In the meantime my song ‘Ecstasy’ is on the Compilation ‘Campaign of Love’, Serious Records, Inc. a division of Sony/Orchard.  Let’s spread the love my friends!


Sound Wave One Review

Sound Wave One Review

Magical Memories
by Steven F. Adams, Sound Wave One

I must say after receiving my copy of her album, to put it into words wow’d, A very beautiful woman. The album I have just listened to is called “Know My Soul’ by the beautiful and breathtaking dance pop diva musician and singer Lisa Panagos. As I listened to the album the first song called “Know My Soul” where Lisa keeps the grinding effect fully engulfed and felt like I stepped right into the Studio 54. What a great song and I actually haven’t heard dance music in so long that I forgot how good it is and with this song Lisa brought all my fond memories from my dance days to the surface.

The next song called “Minds Eye” and is the dance remix version wasn’t written by Lisa, however Lisa powerhouses her way through it like a hot knife through butter. I really enjoyed her way that she places her pure emotion & impulsive feelings with her tremendous vocals. With the next song called ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover” Lisa does it again, she has that constant movement and power of persuasive singing and constant rhythm made me want to get on the dance floor and strut my stuff. The next song is another version of “Minds Eye” and the R&B version where it adds the element of a strong pop and dance flavor and is radio ready, meaning ready right now to be played on the radio. The next track on this dance and rhythmically jolting to your body is called “Down” where Lisa brings in the element of back round work and added her flavor of continual mixing throughout the song and adds freshness to her mix. On the next track called “Pale Skies Grey”Lisa Showcases her classical sounding vocals and spices the track up & was most enjoyable. The rest of the album is other mixing assortments of the songs on the album and all are ready and prepared for the dance floor.

As I listened to this wonderful album I was reminded of my past through Lisa’s ability to bring in her awesome element of beat & powerful emotional value to the surface and I really enjoyed that. I thank Lisa for her tremendous kindness & friendship and and can tell why she has been awarded with so many musical kudos and awards such as the Akademia Award and many others. In my opinion Lisa needs to be heard on the radio and by others that may wish to be a dance singer. They’ll need to choose Lisa’s music as their guide along the way. I Thank Lisa for providing me a visit down my memory lane by her impressive and supremely engaging vocals and I wish her well and much success in her magical and impressive style of music.

Marquix Global Network

Marquix Global Network

Interview with Lisa Panagos
by Blake Wright

Lisa Panagos has mastered one of the most entertaining and nuanced styles of R&B / Soul entertainment we’ve come across in recent years, and her new single ‘Know My Soul’ shows why you’ll be hearing a lot more of her.

With undeniable vocal talent and fine-tuned production served straight up, Lisa Panagos is an artist that any R&B / soul music enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy. Yet there’s something special about Lisa Panagos that sets her apart from other R&B acts. In a musical generation characterized by manufactured pop acts, Lisa Panagos’s originality and sincerity do more than stand out. They reveal qualities that cannot be engineered in the studio. There’s also an unpretentious realness to this artist out of West Hollywood and judging by her growing fan base, she may be precisely what the new generation didn’t know it was missing. Independent reporter Blake Wright recently caught up with Lisa Panagos to get an inside look at this exciting new artist and to learn what she has in store for fans this year.

BLAKE: Let’s just get this out in the open- What is the craziest thing that has happened to you in your music career?
LISA PANAGOS: Hmmmm. I think I’ll keep that private. It’s been a great and really fun ride though.

BLAKE: Your song ‘Know My Soul’ is receiving a positive listener response on radio. What was your initial reaction when you first heard your song playing on radio?
LISA PANAGOS: I was shocked and excited! It’s an amazing feeling to have such a positive listener response on radio for my original music. It’s great to know that the program directors like what I’m doing and my fans are tuning in. Radio airplay is so important and I love getting the positive feedback.

BLAKE: What was the inspiration behind your radio single?
LISA PANAGOS: I co-wrote this song with award winning hit songwriter Alex Forbes(Cyndi Lauper, Taylor Dane) and it was an amazing experience. I was inspired by a break up and reflecting about the person I lost and pushed away. I was getting tired of some of the superficial encounters I was having and decided to write about it!

BLAKE: It is often said that great art arises from difficult experience. Is there something in your life experience thus far that you would describe as the ‘catalyst’ or ‘fuel’ for your desire to create music?
LISA PANAGOS: Yes, very much so. Basically a need to stay alive despite a lot of heart ache, abusive situations and family drama. Music kept me alive and still does. I can’t stop the music! Life can be really challenging and if it weren’t for the outlet of music, I may not be here today. It has been a lifeline for me throughout my life.

BLAKE: How would you characterize yourself as an artist/musician?
LISA PANAGOS: A soulful artist full of passion who loves great grooves! I’ve been told I do sensual vocals with funky grooves and write catchy melodies. I love to write all kinds of music but since I also love to dance, I gravitate towards writing something that’s sexy, soulful, meaningful, heartfelt and incorporates a great groove.

BLAKE: What has your experience been like working with the other people on your team?
LISA PANAGOS: It’s been amazing! I had a lot of support while I was recording this record and that always boosts my confidence in the studio. Producer and keyboard player Mike Rosenman was great to work with and all of the sessions were a lot of fun. Jason Wilkes also contributed to the vibe of the record with his original beats and Alex Forbes is always a blast to write with. I had a really great team for this record.

BLAKE: Did you come from a musical background? Are there other musicians in your family?
LISA PANAGOS: Yes. My father John Panagos owned radio stations and hired Xylophonist Lionel Hampton as his Musical Director for a cable TV show he created to help African American Artists. Especially those artists needing to make a comeback and get more exposure at the time like Natalie Cole, Mahalia Jackson and Leslie Uggams to name a few. He also started the first Hispanic radio station in the DC area to help the Hispanic community. We always had music playing in the house growing up. My Mom and Dad loved the classics like Nat King Cole, Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Other than that, my mothers’ cousin played for the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and my brother Bruce played drums for a while. My Mom had an amazing voice! She would sing while she was cooking and sing to me before bed. She also looked very similar to Ann Margaret. She always would say she was too shy to sing professionally. I was so lucky to have all of that exposure as a child. I soaked it up!

BLAKE: What do you find most rewarding about being an artist? What do you find most challenging?
LISA PANAGOS: The most rewarding thing about being an artist is having a blank canvas to work with and then miraculously seeing my work come alive. It’s really amazing and I feel closer and more in touch with the Universe every time. It feels like I am the vessel and the song arrives through me onto the canvas. I would say the most challenging thing is coming up with all of the funds necessary to get myself to the next level as an Independent Artist. I have to do my own publicity and marketing and shoot my own videos and the list goes on and on. It sometimes gets frustrating not to have the funds available to do everything I want to do and bring all the ideas in my head alive. I often wish I had the budget of the major artists out there with major label budgets at their disposal. On the flip side, where there is a will there is a way so I’ve managed to do a lot and will continue creating music. It’s a blast and my passion.

BLAKE: Who are your role models in music?
LISA PANAGOS: I have so many role models and I don’t want to leave anyone out!!! Prince, Madonna, Sade, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Cher, Lisa Stansfield, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson and the list goes on and on…

BLAKE: Describe your best or most memorable performance.
LISA PANAGOS: My most memorable performance is performing the role of the Soubrette in ‘Sophisticated Ladies’ with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. It was so amazing to have had the opportunity to do the show while Mercer Ellington was still alive to conduct. There are so many others! Performing with Reba McIntyre on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre in ‘Annie Get your Gun.’ When it comes to my original music, I would say performing ‘Mind’s Eye’ Dance mix with my amazing male dancers at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, California. It was a hot show and so much fun to perform at one of the larger venues in Hollywood.

BLAKE: What advice would you give to young, aspiring artists out there who are unsure and need guidance?
LISA PANAGOS: It’s so hard to give advice because I feel everyone has their own Journey. However, I guess I would say that if the music is in your soul, go for it and don’t let anyone get in your way or stop you! People will definitely slow you down and sometimes send you on a wild goose chase but just stay as focused as possible. It gets really hard to sustain the focus for the long haul and it can get rough. Some people are lucky and hit it right away but for others, it can be a long journey. Stay with it!

BLAKE: What’s next for you as an artist? Is there an album in the works? If so, what can you tell us about it?
LISA PANAGOS: I have an album in the works and talk about a long journey!!! There have been so many obstacles to get this one complete. I really had to take some breaks and just step away for a while and come back to it. I have some really amazing musicians on this record and I’m proud of who I brought in. It’s definitely old school but with a modern twist. I hope it’s well received.

BLAKE: Wonderful! Thank you for sharing some insights into what makes you the artist that you are. I wish you continued success in your career.


Serious Records Inc Press Release – Dec 2017
The Campaign Of Love -Says- It’s Time For Some Affection

Serious Records Inc Press Release – Dec 2017
The Campaign Of Love -Says- It’s Time For Some Affection


The Beatles said, All You Need Is Love. LTD with Jeffrey Osborne asked for, Love To The World. Jackie DeShannon sang, What The World Needs Now-Is Love. Al Green posed, Give Us More L-O-V-E. Nicolette Larson realized, It’s Gonna Take A Lot Of Love. We could go on and on mentioning songs about love. There are more songs written about love than any other subject of interest within human society.

Since all the above are correct, Serious Records Inc, Sparkx Radio Network, in association with SJR Media Group Entertainment, and Radio Personality, Skip The Funktologist, we invite everyone to join in and share with us “The Campaign Of Love.” With so much division and discord taking place amongst the human family, “It’s Time For Some Affection.” Yes the need for more love and affection towards our fellow man has never become more evident! This release will focus on the four major aspects of love as defined by the Greek Language, which include love for neighbor, love for family, love for friends, and intimate love.

The music on this release feature’s a mixture of songs from the older and newer generations of artists. They have been handpicked by Skip The Funktologist, who in all reality, plays very few love themed songs during his broadcast’s. The fact that he chose these songs means that they all found their way into a rare playlist that is reserved for a special moment in his show called “It’s Time For Some Affection.” The music on this compilation contains slow, medium, and up-tempo songs. We are confident you will enjoy their feel, sound, and message as much as we do. Come and get your fill of LOVE!

Artists contributing tracks include:

Tyrone Dubose, is an R&B historian, a motivational speaker, a philanthropist, and a radio host, whose distinctive bass-baritone voice can be heard on many national commercials. Tyrone created, and host’s the syndicated radio show the R&B countdown, named Timeless Traxx. He is also a regular contributor to the popular program, TV One’s, Unsung! In 2015, DuBose became a four-time award winner, including “Outstanding Host” for his webisode series “Do You Know” at the Los Angeles Webfest, the “R&B Historian” award from Rare Grooves Radio, the GIRO award from WRLR Radio in Lake County Illinois, and ” Best Voice Over” award from the Mayan Awards in Atlanta Georgia.

Irene Cara & Brent Carter, the actress and singer who has been honored by the entertainment industry with an Academy Award, two Grammy’s, a Golden Globe, and a People’s Choice Award, sings a beautiful duet with Brent Carter, former lead vocalist with Tower Of Power and current front man for the Average White Band. When asked how she picked Brent to accompany her on this duet, she responded, “two of my favorite male vocalists are Luther Vandross and Donny Hathaway, Brent is a mixture of both!”

Gwen Majors & Ali Ollie Woodson, originally recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, this cut is a true collector’s item. This is the last and final recording of the late, great Ali Woodson, former lead singer of the Temptations performing his signature R&B style reminiscent of the hit “Treat Her Like A Lady.” Ali is joined with the smooth vocal stylings of the ultra-soul songstress, Gwen Majors. Gwen used her production skills to turn this classic into a contemporary sound that will make you listen and feel their performance. She is in fine vocal form, and together Ali and Gwen introduce this classic song to a new generation of listeners. It is a must have for Motown followers and a great tribute to Ali Woodson.

Treny B, is an independent artist who contributes a song he wrote when just seventeen years old. A friendship with former Keyboardist/musical director of the six-time Grammy winning group, Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees, and Song Writers Hall Of Famer’s, Earth Wind & Fire’s, Larry Dunn produced and oversaw the musical arrangements for this smooth falsetto laced track.

Selena Evangeline, who hails from Canada, now residing in London England, is a singer, song writer, and multi-instrumentalist whose influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. Her songs are musical snapshots of real life and emotions from a real woman. She say’s “keep your head up high.”

Joseph Wooten, (keyboardist, writer, arranger, producer, educator, motivational speaker) is a three-time Grammy nominated artist who has been the keyboardist for The Steve Miller Band since 1993. He is also the brother of bass player Victor Wooten, (5-time Grammy Award Winner) Roy Wooten, (five-time Grammy Award Winner) (Futureman, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones), and Regi Wooten. Joseph has the distinction of placing two songs on this compilation. Listen for the line in the song “Soul Of Freedom” that says, “I got the Sun in my face and the wind in my back. I got hope for the future, and as a matter of fact. Every man and woman, every boy and girl, when we change ourselves, then we change the world.”

Lisa Panagos, Award winning Mediterranean beauty Lisa Panagos is an American singer, songwriter, actress and producer. Although born in Maryland in the U.S., Lisa possesses a unique array of exotic heredities which can only descend from the mystical country of Greece and the romantic city of Paris France. During the course of her all-embracing acting, music and recording career, Lisa has worked with some of the music industry’s biggest producers, re-mixers, writers and arrangers including MacQuayle (Beyoncé, Madonna, Lindsay Lohan), Rob Chiarelli (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Will Smith), hit songwriter Alex Forbes (Taylor Dane), Ed Goldson (Jay Z, Eve) and Dave Bianco (Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Vanessa Williams) to name a few.

Nicole Mitchell, Born and raised in Michigan, it’s no wonder this girl has the soul and spirit of Motown!!! A little vocal training from Bertha McNeal of Motown’s “Velvelettes” didn’t hurt either. Now splitting time between Chicago and Dallas this singer, songwriter, performer and actress is definitely a bonafide, quadruple threat on the scene! Her lyrics range from such emotion and truth with everything from heartache, to love, to dancing, to suicide prevention (inspiration for her song), to loving life despite obstacles such as cancer, bucket lists’ and loving oneself…

Free Life, a 9-piece soul/funk band from “back in the day” produced by Earth Wind & Fire’s Philip Bailey, contributes a soulful old school ballad reminding us how warm it is to snuggle up to the that special someone, especially when they are not around.

Devon Howard, represents the current trend in R&B singers. A resident of Baltimore Maryland, Devon is an advocate for Second Home Inc, an agency for foster kids. His track will leave you with soft feelings of love.

Denise Gordon, who is from Jamaica New York, but currently resides in Nairobi Kenya contributes a touching song about the plight of innocent children in Africa. You can hear her heart felt concern for them as she sings “For the world to survive, we need the children.” Harming innocent children has to be one of the worst crimes against humanity!

Eddie Reddick, we chose his track “My Sister My Brother as the lead off song. It represents the whole concept of this release. Eddie has been working in the L A area for over thirty years. He has recorded and performed with many artists such as Chaka Khan, Billy Cobham, Roy Ayers, Bill Withers, Wayne Henderson of The Jazz Crusaders, Bobby Lyle, Side Effect, The L A Boppers, The Dramatics, Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Oliver, The Art Of Sax. Eddie says, “it doesn’t’ matter much anymore where his performances might be. It could be in a small dinner club or a huge concert arena. People are beautiful where ever they are.” “Create from your soul, Speak with your heart.”

Niki J Crawford, an accomplished singer, songwriter, and movie actress, Crawford is a wildly talented and motivated woman. It is in front of a microphone where Niki shines bright. Her voice literally erupts from her being, turning each song into an exclamation of unadulterated funk and soul. This is quite evident just looking at the jaw dropped, awed faces of male and female fans alike when she performs. “Strength of character and talent make Miss Niki J. Crawford a true woman of distinction.”

Ty Causey, the music style of Causey is a combination of Smooth Jazz, Sensual Classic Soul and R&B. Ty’s Silky-Smooth vocals and deep rich lyrics compliment the soulful melodic production of his music. This style of music has been very challenging for Ty due to the upswing of other styles of music such as Hip Hop and Neo Soul, but his passion for Classic R&B and Jazz has inspired him to stay true to himself and the music lovers who crave the same Classic R&B, Soul and Jazz style. Producer, Singer, Songwriter, and Performer, Ty Causey appeared on the music scene in the late 1990’s as a vocalist for smooth Jazz saxophonist Najee. Causey co-wrote and performed on Najee’s 1998 Morning Tenderness Cd which landed him the opportunity as featured performer on Najee’s World-Wide Morning Tenderness Tour.

Daisy Hicks, Daisy is an English-born, Australian-raised singer/songwriter. Marie Claire Magazine UK said it best, “Daisy is a remarkable singer and gifted songwriter whose music is laced with eclectic influences ranging from silky jazz, soulful country to soaring ballads.” With unwavering support from ambient music and content providers, Daisy’s music can be heard in shopping malls, grocery stores, thousands of restaurants and retail shops, on airlines, in gyms and on TV shows throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia including a placement on the US Hit TV Show “Pretty Little Liars”.

Eric “EQ” Young, who as a high school student saw Larry Graham perform, and the rest is history. Eric spends his time performing with Con Funk Shun and working as a solo artist. He composes, arranges, sings, and dance’s, all, while he’s spankin’ some funky bass!

Sheldon Price, started singing at the age of 7 at his mother’s parties. He has performed with Philadelphia based headliners Philly Cream, The Blue Notes, and Ray Goodman and Brown. Has toured Vegas, performed in Atlantic City’s main rooms, and other parts of the country. Sheldon is produced by Gerald Veasley.

Angie Arnold, started on her musical journey during her childhood in Denver, Colorado. At the age of 8, she was visiting a friend’s home with her parents…who were stunned to discover that the music coming from the friend’s piano was being played by none other than Angie, who had never had access to a piano before. They purchased an old church organ, and Angie was quickly composing originals to be played for every poor soul who happened to stop by the house. Angie immersed herself in music and theater during high school, and studied music at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She quickly found that while she loved learning about theory and music history, her unique voice and style of playing did not exactly endear her to the cookie cutter sensibilities of the music faculty. She pursued a style and feel all her own, and that staunch position can be felt on the haunting track called “Beautiful.” We should feel this way about ourselves regardless…

Mark Adam Wood Jr. of Lakeside, the voice on such classic funk tracks as It’s All The Way Live, Raid, Outrageous, and Fantastic Voyage, share’s a more personal song from his solo project “THE ADVENTURES OF MRKYSTAR” called “All About Family!” Yes, family! We were purposed to be one big earth wide Family!

Sista Soul, equipped with unbelievable vocal range, Sista Soul has been captivating audiences since the late 90’s. Born Jeannette Cooper and given the name Sista Soul from the extreme irreplaceable emotions embraced with every performance. Her masterful songwriting skills and vocals are truly gifts by spiritual intervention. With influences like Anita Baker, Mary J Blidge, and Erykah Badu. This young woman embarks sounds from hip-hop, R& B to Neo-Soul and Jazz infused music.

Kenny Barnes, a native Washingtonian, Kenny began singing gospel music in his home church at a very young age. He honed his skills at D.C.’s famed “Duke Ellington School of the Arts”. During this time, he sang with several local bands, singing groups (R&B and Gospel), and several stage productions. It wasn’t long before people took notice of his smooth baritone voice. A voice that would eventually lead to him performing and working with some of the biggest names the industry has to offer such as Michael Jackson, George Michael, Bruce Hornsby, the O’Jays, Richard Smallwood, Dottie Peoples to name a few.

Alvin Smith, by means of his production company, Alvin has written and produced songs for film and television from, The Sopranos, Soul Food, JAG to Felicity and The Shield. He has also produced for performers such as Greg Walker of Carlos Santana, Noel and D.T. Peredes. He spent several years of touring and performing with such artists as Billy Davis, Marilyn McCoo, Stephanie Mills, and Philip Bailey. His touching song was inspired by the need to rescue his sister who was suffering from mental illness and the other sad consequences that came with being abused. Truly a story of love between a brother and his little sister.

Kate Kennedy, Kate Kennedy is a native Colorado artist, who loves the beauty and the power of nature. She especially loves to paint flowers; Mainly because to their endless diversity of beauty. She has been drawing and painting ever since she can remember. Studied at CSU, and many classes at the Art Students League of [email protected] – Instagram: katekennedy2876. (Her beautiful painting of a flower she calls “Love” graces the back of the CD Cover).

Jailynn Ausman, is 11 years old at the time of releasing this project. She is in the 5th grade and attends Fairmount Elementary in Golden CO wherein math is her preferred subject. Jailynn loves to play softball and handles the positions of catcher, 3rd base, and shortstop, with the latter being her favorite. When she grows up, she wants to be a brain surgeon! She introduces the song “We Need The Children.”

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