Multi-award winning Mediterranean beauty Lisa Panagos® is an American singer, songwriter, actress, model, and producer. Lisa has kicked off 2021 by being nominated by the Hollywood Music In Media Awards for ‘Shut Down,’ best song in the Adult Contemporary Category. Winners will be announced at the event on January 27th, 2021. Lisa was thrilled to win the ‘Artist Vision Award’ from the Akademia Music Awards in Hollywood, California 2020. This award is a special honor bestowed upon those artists of exceptional talent and vision in the field of music! Her single ‘Rescue Me’, off her ten-song record “Inside,” received many accolades, press and radio play to date. The album “Inside,” was mixed at EastWest Studios by Grammy and Emmy winning engineer Clark Germain. “Inside” was an entry for the 61st Grammy Awards for ‘Best R&B Album of the Year.’

There is a worldwide buzz about Lisa’s new R&B/Soul album “Inside,” which she released on her label, Panagos Global Entertainment (PGE), and can be purchased worldwide.

Her most recent awards include ‘Best R&B Soul Song’ for ‘Rescue Me’ and the 2019 Executive Award for R&B/Soul by the Akademia music awards in Hollywood, California.

Lisa is currently developing her live show, is in pre-production on her forthcoming record, and just landed an acting role in the film “Of Myth and Legend” to be filmed in New Mexico and directed by Sharlene K. Humm in October, 2021. Singer, songwriter, producer and actress Lisa Panagos® continues to rise the charts, win awards, and is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with within the entertainment industry worldwide. View Full Bio

New Album Release “BEAUTIFUL” R&B/Soul

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Lisa Panagos

"Rescue Me" The New Single Nominated And Grammy Entered Off The Album "Inside" Produced At East West Studios In Hollywood California

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