Magical Memories
by Steven F. Adams, Sound Wave One

I must say after receiving my copy of her album, to put it into words wow’d, A very beautiful woman. The album I have just listened to is called “Know My Soul’ by the beautiful and breathtaking dance pop diva musician and singer Lisa Panagos. As I listened to the album the first song called “Know My Soul” where Lisa keeps the grinding effect fully engulfed and felt like I stepped right into the Studio 54. What a great song and I actually haven’t heard dance music in so long that I forgot how good it is and with this song Lisa brought all my fond memories from my dance days to the surface.

The next song called “Minds Eye” and is the dance remix version wasn’t written by Lisa, however Lisa powerhouses her way through it like a hot knife through butter. I really enjoyed her way that she places her pure emotion & impulsive feelings with her tremendous vocals. With the next song called ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover” Lisa does it again, she has that constant movement and power of persuasive singing and constant rhythm made me want to get on the dance floor and strut my stuff. The next song is another version of “Minds Eye” and the R&B version where it adds the element of a strong pop and dance flavor and is radio ready, meaning ready right now to be played on the radio. The next track on this dance and rhythmically jolting to your body is called “Down” where Lisa brings in the element of back round work and added her flavor of continual mixing throughout the song and adds freshness to her mix. On the next track called “Pale Skies Grey”Lisa Showcases her classical sounding vocals and spices the track up & was most enjoyable. The rest of the album is other mixing assortments of the songs on the album and all are ready and prepared for the dance floor.

As I listened to this wonderful album I was reminded of my past through Lisa’s ability to bring in her awesome element of beat & powerful emotional value to the surface and I really enjoyed that. I thank Lisa for her tremendous kindness & friendship and and can tell why she has been awarded with so many musical kudos and awards such as the Akademia Award and many others. In my opinion Lisa needs to be heard on the radio and by others that may wish to be a dance singer. They’ll need to choose Lisa’s music as their guide along the way. I Thank Lisa for providing me a visit down my memory lane by her impressive and supremely engaging vocals and I wish her well and much success in her magical and impressive style of music.