By Haren Yong
Web editor and actress blogger

LISA MARIE PANAGOS is a bombshell! Add to that her 100% sultry and curvaceous figure and you have one of the sexiest women in media. Don’t miss her in the indie drama ‘THE MANSION DIRECTIVE’ where she will surely be delectable. Can’t wait to see more of LISA in this unique anthology … I’m always looking out for extraordinary stuff although I do admit LISA was a drawing factor. I am completely blown away by her comeliness and of course her to-die-for figure (why is LISA not in Maxim??). Attractive women are also attractive on the inside and LISA is all of that and more … she’s a SEX BOMB with geniality and I simply adore her.

Besides her many acting endeavours LISA is also a songstress; Check out her music at LISA MARIE PANAGOS @ Jango. Her music can be described as electic covering a variety of genres; R&B ditties infused with trippy hooks and she even does dance anthems. It comes as no surprise as Ms. Panagos’ expertise lies in music production, song composition, and theater. You can’t help but be infatuated (I definitely am) with LISA MARIE PANAGOS, a woman of multiple talents and a very approachable person. She’s down-to-earth, super foxy and I can’t stressed enough Miss Body Beautiful.

Check her out now at IMDB: MORE INFO on LISA MARIE PANAGOS