February 2021

Best R&B/Soul Album for “Beautiful,” Akademia Music Awards

January 2021

Best Adult Contemporary song nomination for ‘Shut Down,’ Hollywood Music In Media Awards

April 2020

Artist Vision Award, Akademia Music Awards

November 2019

Outstanding Album Songwriter, Producers Choice Honors

June 2019

Executive Award from The Akademia for Outstanding Creative, Artistry & Professional Achievement.
February 2018 #1 on the HOT XR Charts from the Southwest Radio Network for “Know My Soul”

August 2018

Best R&B / Soul Song from The Akademia for “Ecstasy”

August 2018

Outstanding Intellectual Achievements in the field of Music and Songwriting for which the distinction Summa Cum Laude is awarded by the IBC. Cambridge, England.

October 2017

#1 On The Charts’, KMIX Radio Network for ‘Know My Soul’


January 2016

Outstanding Achievement in Media with over 1,000,000 Syndicated Views.

February 2016

#1 On The Charts’, Power FM Global Radio Network for ‘Mind’s Eye’

March 15, 2015

Best Pop/Jazz Song for ‘Mind’s Eye’ by the Akademia Awards.

March 15, 2015

Best R&B Cover Song for ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover‘;Akademia Awards.

Sept. 15, 2015

Best R&B Soul Music video for ‘Mind’s Eye‘ Akademia Awards.

June 2014

#1 On The Charts’, ; KXRL Radio and its affiliated Network Stations.

November 2013

Hollywood F.A.M.E Award for ‘Female Rising Star’

September 2013

Artists in Music Award for ‘Breakthrough Artist of the year’

January 2012

Artists in Music Award for ‘Best Dance Artist’


January 2012

IBC Award for ‘Woman of the Year’

January 2012

‘Pinnacle Achievement Award’ for Outstanding Entertainer/Entrepreneur.

February 2012

‘The Da Vinci Diamond Award’ for Outstanding contribution to the Arts and Entertainment Business.

March 2012

‘Professional Hall of Fame Award’ for Career Integrity and Accomplishments in the Entertainment Business.

November 2012

‘Producers Choice Award’ for outstanding debut release, ‘Video of the year’ for ‘Mind’s Eye’ , ‘Dance/Electronica Artist of the Year’, LA Music Awards and ‘Woman of the Year’, IBC

January 2011

‘Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century Award for Outstanding contribution to the field of Entertainment from the International Biographical Centre Cambridge,England(IBC), #1 On the Charts’,Power FM Global Radio Network for ‘Mind’s Eye’ ‘ #1 On The Charts’, ; KXRL Radio and its affiliated Network Stations.