“Lisa Panagos continues to redefine the R&B / Soul with the masterstroke new single ‘No More Sinking’ and the initial response on radio has been extremely positive. Lisa Panagos continues to prove the old axiom that talent, hard work and dedication can and will lead to success in even the toughest competitive environment that is today’s music industry.”

Jan, 2023.


“Lisa Panagos continues to redefine the R&B/Soul with the masterstroke new single ‘No More Sinking’ and the initial response on radio has been extremely positive.”

May 20, 2022.


“Rising Stars: Meet Lisa Panagos.” 

May 9, 2022.


“I believe that to have a successful career in the Entertainment business you must love what you do.”

March 01, 2022


“Lisa Panagos is captivating audiences with originality, a distinct musical style, and edgy R&B/Soul production, on full display in the new radio single ‘Beautiful.”

July 14, 2021


Hollywood, CA – Singer, Songwriter, & Mediterranean Beauty Lisa Panagos releases the album“Beautiful,” a soulful, majestic, and lyrically exquisite record about relationships and love.
March 1, 2021


“Shut Down” by writer, producer, and singer Lisa Panagos starts with a charming and slow beginning that transforms into a soft ballad about the hardships of love. The song is bittersweet, and its lyrics relatable to anyone who’s ever been in a romantic relationship. The melody carries you through the heartache, but it
February 9, 2021


“Do you like R&B/Soul music? Many do, perhaps in yearning for a return to great musicianship and melody. Here is an artist that ably serves the sentiment. Hailing from West Hollywood, California, Lisa Panagos has quickly risen on the strength of an award-winning new single ‘Rescue Me’.”
October, 2020


“Passion From Inside”

“There’s a huge talent out there, and i’ve got an “inside” to her music. I’m speaking of the super talent and beautiful lisa panagos,  this album features 10 new amazing songs and what a total bombshell and breathtaking diva of the rhythm and blues scene, with total “diva” attitude, that is totally breath taking.”
August 15, 2020

Steven F. Adams, Music Reviewer and Promoter Owner Sound Wave One – Read more


“There is something special happening with Lisa Panagos, the talented R&B/Soul artist out of Hollywood. She has a deep understanding of the techniques of traditions of the R&B/Soul genre which is perhaps why the critics had this to say about her award-winning work: ‘This R&B/soul track brings to union prodigiously competent elements of each style – ‘Ecstasy’ is a luminous, expertly instrumented gem, gorgeously vocalized and destined for greatness”

Reporter Blake Wright, Stargaze Magazine – Read More

Known as R&B/Soul artist with an enigmatic side, Lisa Panagos’s new single ‘Ecstasy’ exploded on radio and put this artist on the world map.
Blake Wright – Avante Garde Magazine – Read More

Mind’s Eye’ is a bouncy, tropical-flavored jam by Lisa Panagos that will lift fans around the globe with its oassuibate messages if love and acceptance.”
Brandon Scott – Marquix Global Network – Read More

With a stunning new single ‘Rescue Me’ rapidly climbinb the charts, Lisa Panagos, armed with a unique R&B/Soul style, is rapidly becoming a musical success story and paving the way to a new creative frontier.

Lily, Beckman Media Groupe  – Read More

New Record Release Buzz with Lisa Panagos the Bombshell.”
Lifoti Magazine Feature – Read More

“Lisa has been in the entertainment business for many years and has seen it all. She has weathered the storm that is the music and film industry. Her tenacity and talent is without question one of the toughest around. Her history in the business has been filled with all types of twists and turns but she has never let that der her drive.”
Nick Christophers – Full Access NYC – Read More

“Rescue Me’ advances on a bold rhythm, and Lisa Panagos’ lavishly emotional vocal energy guides the groove through mesmeric instrumental gambits straight to R&B perfection.”

Lisa’s new single – ‘Ecstasy’ (Alt Mix) – Read More

“Songstress Lisa Panagos Returns with new single and upcoming album. Lisa is full throttle mode and looking to put her best work forward. Keep an eye and ear out for music and acting where you will not be disappointed.”
Nick Christophers – Full Access NYC – Read More

“Bicoastal Performer Building on Every Milestone.”
Nick Christophers – Ful Access NYC – Read More

“Lisa Panagos Newly Nominated for Best Dance Artist and Critics Choice Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the Artists in Music Awards 2013.”
Panagos Global Entertainment – Read More

“She is multi-talented in that she is a songwriter, vocalist, actress and model. That is an impressive list for one woman to handle but Lisa has done it with class.”
Nick Christophers – Lifestyle Republic- Read More

“People sometimes take the beauty that surrounds them for granted rather than embracing it and realizing how relevant it is to their very being. Then there are those folks who live their life incorporating that same beauty into their everyday life. One such individual is the multi-talented Lisa Panagos. Lisa is a true nature lover who has been inspired and motivated by her surroundings. Whether she is taking in a sunset in LA or taking a stroll through Central Park the very ground she treads on evokes her creative juices.”
 Nick Christophers – Greek Hollywood Reporter – Read More

“The album I have just listened to is called “Know My Soul’ by the beautiful and breathtaking dance pop diva musician and singer Lisa Panagos.”
Magical Memories by Steven F. Adams, Sound Wave One

“Lisa Panagos conveys immense sensuality and appeal in her ‘Mind’s Eye’ music video; an artwork of pop and R&B sensibilities that few are capable of conceiving, let alone implementing so elegantly.”
Akademia Press division, Akademia Awards

“The Akademia Music Awards Announces its March 2014 Winners.”
The Akademia Music Awards – The Akademia

“A Spectacular night of Music and Awards at this year’s 7th Annual hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards Presentations. Among the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards recipients this year was 3 time Los Angeles Music Award winner Lisa Panagos.”
Liz Rodriguez – LA Music Awards

“Former Potomac resident achieves F.A.M.E. in Hollywood by Peggy McEwan.“
Peggy McEwan – The Gazette

“The Sophisticated elegance of Lisa Marie Panagos.”
Oscar Benjamin – The Examiner

Mind’s Eye Compilation” is a soulful R&B dance EP from talented vocalist Lisa Panagos. These songs have great commercial appeal, are very upbeat, and are ready to get you moving. Lisa has a fantastic voice and shows you a complete range of talent with her performances on the EP. The arrangements are great and feature beautiful melodies, addicting hooks, and catchy choruses. There are interesting creative choices as far as the production goes; Each track sounds complete and harnesses the qualities that make dance music work. Highlights include “Know My Soul,” an extremely catchy track with a great chorus that is ready for the radio. “Down” takes you down the road of experimentation with unconventional sounds, a slightly dark undertone, and great production. “Mind’s Eye R$B” wraps things up nicely with atmospheric elements combined with soulful rhythms, nice vocal layering, and a great performance from Lisa.”
William and the Reviewer Team – Radio Indy

“which is in the running for the 61st Grammy Awards in various categories. Since all the above are correct, Serious Records Inc, Sparkx Radio Network, in association with SJR Media Group Entertainment, and Radio Personality, Skip The Funktologist, we invite everyone to join in and share with us “The Campaign Of Love.” With so much division and discord taking place amongst the human family, “It’s Time For Some Affection.”
by Just Jay, HYPE Magazine

“Silky vocals, a ripping bass line and an unstoppable hook make this Pop Jazz song by Lisa Panagos stand out brilliantly.”
The Akademia Music Awards – The Akademia 

“Lisa Panagos catches a star at the 7th annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards. ‘ I was in amazing company at the 7th annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. awards, and feel so lucky to have won for Female Rising Star. I am so grateful to be recognized for my work in Music, Film and Television.’ Other Celebrities receiving Hollywood F.A.M.E. awards this year included Director/Producer Cass Warner, actor Nathin Butler, actresses Leilani Sarelle and Melani Paul, Ron Jeremy Hyatt, Grammy-nominated percussionist Victor Orlando, music industry executive Steve Resnik and legendary game show host and creator Wink Martindale.”
Myrna Post – Haren D Yong Blog 

“Lisa Panagos has mastered one of the most entertaining and nuanced styles of R&B/Soul entertainment we’ve come across in years. There’s an unpretentious realness to this artist and judging by her growing fan base, she may be precisely what the new generation didn’t know it was missing.”
Interview with Lisa Panagos by Blake Wright 

“A refreshing and seductive rendition of this classic with all of the requisite style and attitude, plus a sensuality that even the original artist couldn’t master”
The Akademia – The Akjademia

“Lisa Panagos received the 2013 Hollywood F.A.M.E. awards for ‘Female Rising Star’. She is a triple threat who sings, dances and acts.
Maura Mahoney – Bethesda Magazime

“Some of the invited guests to the LA Comedy Awards in Hollywood at M bar included Kat Kramer, White House pianist David Osborne and multiple award winning musician Lisa Panagos.”
Daniel Hicks – Rock N’ Roll Industries Magazine

“The 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards.”
Farah Shokouhi – Javanan

“Elite Interviews Lisa Panagos”
Elite Magazine


Lisa Panagos

"‘Shut Down’ the new single off the “Beautiful” record, was nominated by the Hollywood Music In Media awards for the best song in the Adult Contemporary Category.

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