I’m so excited to have won ‘Best R&B/Soul Song’ for my single ‘Rescue Me’ from The Akademia Music Awards!

I had a blast recording this single and mixing it EastWest Studios in Hollywood, CA, with Emmy and Grammy-winning mix engineer Clark Germain.

The vibe was chill and the energy was awesome! Check out the Lyrics below and enjoy!

It’s 3 a.m I just can’t sleep, trying to come down, from this stressful week, Feel shaken up, I want to escape, Just can’t keep up

With this crazy rat race, My nerves are frazzled and I’m all alone, There’s just no place to call home

Can You Rescue Me, Comfort Me? or just (Rescue Me, Comfort Me), Everything I hear, seems so uptight

I Can’t get a job, And I’m sick of the fight, A stranger passes by, He lends me a hand, Streets bustling

Are you a family Man?, Cause I need a little sympathy, I’ve had a tough time lately, Can you Rescue me,

Comfort Me?  or just (Rescue Me, Comfort Me), Rescue me, comfort me, Will you be the one

Beside me tonight?, Will you be the one, That I need?, This shaky ground is swallowing

Everything I am, I might slip away, Drift away, Instrumental Break, 1/2 Verse, I have no money

And I have no home, It’s cold outside, And I’m all alone, Chorus out,Can you Rescue me, Comfort me? 

or just (Rescue Me, Comfort me), Rescue me, comfort me, Can you Rescue me, Comfort me?

Rescue me, comfort me, Promo video by Will Rodriguez.  Thanks Will!, Enjoy the song!  xoxo


Rescue Me